Discovering the Designer

Vincent Van Duysen is an acclaimed Belgian architect and designer renowned for his timeless and human-centric approach to design.

His work, which continues to influence the world of architecture and interior design with his distinctive style and artistic vision, focuses on functionality, durability, and comfort.

Studio Insights

Vincent Van Duysen’s work is distinguished by a compendious effort, driven by a deep passion, a meticulous research, and a profound understanding of human needs.

Revolving around understanding how people inhabit their homes, Vincent refers to this work philosophy as the “art of living.” His aim is to uncover the nuances of how individuals live their spaces to seamlessly incorporate this knowledge into his work.

Moreover, when it comes to scale and proportion, his creations often exude a striking monolithic nature, with recognizable classical proportions. Once the foundational geometrical structure of a project is in place, the subsequent step involves layering the appropriate materials in the right ratio, resulting in a dramatic and breathtaking space.
He strongly believes that his creations stand in stark contrast to the clichéd interpretations of minimalism, and possess a distinct soul. By clearing away the clutter, his focus shifts towards a purity of aesthetics. In that sense Vincent manages to channel timelessness, emotion, serenity, comfort, natural materials, texture, light and exquisite craftsmanship.

“To me, the pursuit of balance in my designs is paramount, a journey to unravel complexity and reveal the essence. It is through this process that authenticity, simplicity, and purity can be attained.”

Vincent Van Duysen


A consistent element in his work is the seamless fusion of refined solidity and ethereal lightness, often woven together with a profound connection with the natural world. Raw materials stand out in his creations, impregnating both interiors and products, with a deep sense of serenity and wholeness.

The emotional depth of his work compels the audience to reveal beauty and grandeur within his meticulous selection of materials.


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