Design Stories: GRAVITAS

Gravitas was one of the ancient Roman virtues that denoted “seriousness”. It also encompasses notions of weight, dignity, and importance, embodying both restraint and moral rigor, particularly evident in the solidity and robustness.

For that reason, Van Duysen named the collection GRAVITAS, translating his profound inner sentiments and relationship with nature, space, and humanity into tangible forms.

“Vincent Van Duysen’s work embodies a philosophy that aligns perfectly with our own: a deep appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of natural materials. Together, we’ve created a collection that pays tribute to the power and grace of stone.” 

Gerardo Cortina Wiechers, CEO & Founder of ARCA.

The Collection

At its core, the collection is born from a fusion of passion, extensive research, and a deep understanding of human needs.

Working with stone was distinctive for this project, as each selection played a crucial role in conveying the intended narrative. Treating the same material in two contrasting finishes — raw and polished — imbues the objects with a sense of dynamism, comparable to the balance found in nature. The textured, rugged surfaces align with his reverence for natural materials, while the gleaming, smooth finishes create an optical illusion of weightlessness and boundlessness, elevating the materials to the forefront of the design narrative.

“In this collection, I drew upon a wealth of creative references, shaping organic forms and pieces that seamlessly blend utilitarian function with a sculptural allure.”

Vincent Van Duysen


The intense burgundy Porfido Chair stands as a testament to the exquisite beauty of natural materials. The addition of Cafecina’s warm hues brings an unexpected aura to the collection.


The Dining Table Round stands as an evidence of extraordinary elegance and durability, achieved through the combination of polished and rough surfaces.


The enduring strength and exquisite beauty of Carrara Marble magnifies the design of the pieces while the dark, speckled sheen of Recinto exudes a powerful and dramatic aura.


The narrative of GRAVITAS explores the dynamic interplay between textures, natural elements, and human interaction.


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